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International Women's Day

Break the Bias by 3E (Educate, Equalise and Empower Women)

International Women's Day (IWD) takes place on March 8th every year. Women are encouraged to celebrate Women's Day to take action against gender discrimination in society.

The theme for IWD 2022 is Break the Bias. Whether bias is deliberate or unwitting, it can be challenging for women to move ahead.


1. What makes IWD so distinctive?

 IWD is celebrated annually on March 8 to honour the achievements of women in several sectors. This day aims to spread awareness of women's equality and promote gender parity.


2. What are the various events conducted to celebrate IWD?

If you are looking for IWD Celebrations ideas, here are some.

  • Celebrate women's achievements.
  • Host a panel discussion on the theme of IWD.
  • Organize an event where women authors read their latest work.
  • Fundraise for women focused charities.
  • Raise awareness about women's equality.


3. What is the color of IWD?

Following the International Women's Day website, purple, green, and white are the colors of IWD. Purple signifies justice and dignity; Green signifies hope, and white denotes purity. The colors originated from the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the UK in 1908.


4. What are the pertinent statistics about the status of women in India?

  • The Global Gender Gap Report 2021 published by the World Economic Forum scores India at 0.625 (out of 1), placing it at position 140 out of 156 countries.
  • The crime rate against women went up by around 131% in 2021
  • Every year, 23 million girls in India drop out of school after menstruating due to a lack of sanitary napkin dispensers and overall hygiene awareness in schools.
  • According to official data, sexual harassment cases at Indian workplaces increased by 54% - 371 in 2014 to 570 in 2017.
  • According to the 2019 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 32033 rape cases occur across the country, or an average of 88 incidents daily.
  • India's sex ratio was higher in 2021, with 1020 females to every 1000 males, clocking a female majority for the first time.


What is the significance of the theme for IWD 2022?

Achieving gender equity worldwide is crucial to meeting development goals. We strive for a society free of racial bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, one that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Collectively we can all break the Bias.


What strategies should we implement to ensure the sustainable development of women?

  • Enhance equal participation of girls and women in education and employment.
  • To end the practice of forced marriage, which violates a girl's right to a healthy, fulfilling life;
  • Granting women full equality under all laws and ending all policies that disadvantage women;
  • Eliminating patriarchal attitudes and behaviours that cause women to suffer and that prevent them from accessing positions of power;
  • Offering adequate parental leave and childcare opportunities allows women to have the same unhindered career progression as their partners.


Take Away

No feminist, nor any organization, alone owes the story of women's struggle for equality, but rather the collective efforts of all those concerned with human rights. Make IWD your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women. Knowing that bias exists isn't enough. Action is needed to level the playing field through education, equality, and empowerment. If you educate a woman, you are educating a family. If you educate a family, you are educating a generation. An equal world is a better world.



Professor, Emeritus 


Posted on March 7thth, 2022

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