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IEMS MBA College library acts as a nerve centre, catering the needs of the students, the researchers and the faculty members, covering Management & General books engaged in higher pursuit of knowledge.

Our College Library has subscribed 3 Kannada and 3 English Newspapers. It has also subscribed 22 magazines and Journals, along with more than 11600 Books.

Our Library are collections of books, journals, and other sources of recorded information. They commonly include reference works, such as encyclopaedias that provide factual information and indexes that help users find information in other sources; creative works, including poetry, novels, short stories,and photographs; nonfiction, such as biographies, histories, and other factual reports; and periodical publications, including magazines, scholarly journals, and books published as part of a series.

As home use of records, CD-ROMs, and audiotapes and videotapes has increased, library collections have begun to include these and other forms of media.



We have already Subscribed N Digital Library Software. More than 5000 E-Books and E -Journals are available in this site. We can easily read and downloads these E- Books and E- Journals. NDigital-Library. is a leading provider of information and educational resources for the digital age. Students, instructors,hobbyists, enthusiasts and lifelong learners understanding. providing a digital library and online reading and research environment.

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Online Question Papers

We have set of complined question paper ,which is provided to the students online :

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