Student Clubs

IEMS B-School , Hubballi – we as a Premier Management Institute in North Karnataka providing Quality Management Education since last 17 years . To Develop Students in a Curriculum way we have formed Different Clubs for encouraging students:

IEMS Sports Club

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Bhartesh Dhupadal

To encourage Students to participate in various Indoor & Outdoor Sports we have formed   IEMS Sports Club with dedicated Sports Coordinator. This Club Focuses on Training Students for University Level Sports.

IEMS Cultural Club

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Preeti Belgaumkar, Prof. Preeti Goudar

Along with MBA Curriculum, a cultural aspect is also here @ IEMS. Through this Club various cultural events are carried . These all events are coordinated  by our students . IEMS Falgship cultural event is – UTSAV.

IEMS Finance Club

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Jagadish Pattar

This Club is Exclusive for the Finance Specialization events in a Year  to be held @ IEMS B-School, Hubballi . Through this Club – National Budget Analysis,  GST Workshops , Income TAX Planning Workshops for Students & Professionals , Mini management Fests are also Conducted.

This Clubs main motive is to make MBA Students get acquainted  with Knowledge of Finance.

IEMS Marketing Club

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Akshata Bilagi

This Club is meant for Marketing Specialization Students . Through this Club Various Marketing Events are Conducted in a year.   Various Companies Marketing officers visit to Campus to Impart Buzz Knowledge about Marketing funda. Under this Club- Students are motivated to learn Digital Marketing .


Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Vinayak Uparate

A Dedicated Club for All the HR Certifications, Workshops & Guest Sessions in the Field of HR. This Club is focusing on the Exposure sessions in the field of HR where many Industry HR Professionals Come to Address HR Students.

IEMS Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Vinanti Naik

Its aim is to provide a forum for Students to network and share ideas, provide an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help students cultivate and develop their own ideas.

IEMS Career Development Cell

In simpler terms it is an individual’s progression through life.CDC with an integrated approach to education with practice, students’ creative qualities and innovative skills are being further honed. The journey of their transformation through the unique pedagogy of our institute is on; which we are sure, will hold them in good and prosperous state in future.

IEMS Weekly Assembly Session By Students

IEMS B-School Hubli Best Practices

Assembly – is an initiative by IEMS B-School to make students collect various section news and to present these news . It’s a kind of mentor meet exercise which is helping students to come forward to do presentations

Certificates Received By Students

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IEMS Grievince Redressal

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